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Using artificial turf in your business common areas comes with a lot of benefits for your staff and customers. This is why more and more commercial property owners go for the fake turfs than the natural grass. Commercial artificial grass installations cover the following areas:

  • Parks
  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Local council landscaping
  • Town centre amusements
  • Festivals

The following are just among the many benefits of opting for the fake turf than the real ones:

  • Minimal Maintenance – artificial grass requires no watering, no trimming, no mowing, no fertilisers and no pesticides. This means you don’t only save money, but time and energy as well.
  • No More Puddles – before the installation, our professionals make sure that the surfaces are smooth enough, without the valleys and the grooves that water might accumulate. This means no more puddles that might hinder you from using the area during or after raining.
  • Complements with Any Surfaces – fake grass complements well with any surfaces such as concrete and pavers, adding more life to its look and feel. It can be installed even in high traffic areas without having to worry about getting damaged or losing its aesthetics.
  • Drought Resistant – fake turf can stand even the harshest weather condition – the coldest winter and the hottest summer. You need not sprinkle it with water to keep it healthy. This makes it a great option for areas where drought conditions can be severe. It can even grow without the shade unlike the natural grass.
  • Extremely Safe – high-quality artificial turf is made from non-toxic materials that are safe for both humans and pets. The super soft fibre is friendly to the feet and won’t cut the skin.

The Best Alternative for Natural Grass in Commercial Areas

Your  business property’s lawn, decking or patios should never be boring and lifeless. Add a natural-looking element without the hassles of installation and maintenance. Get in touch with our instant lawn experts at Darwin Synthetic Turf Specialists. We serve residential and commercial clients in Darwin, Northern Territory and the surrounding areas. Call now!

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