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    Darwin Artificial Grass Specialists offers the best alternative to natural lawn – synthetic turf or also commonly known as fake grass. This amazing product has been the market for so many years, and it has never stopped evolving and upgrading. Today, you can find premium quality artificial turfs that closely resemble the natural ones – you won’t even know it’s fake!

    Astro-turf is made of synthetic materials and designed to look like natural turf. It is often produced from recycled materials, and depending on the quality and the efficiency of the installation, the artificial turf can last for a decade and even more.

    This product comes in many different shades, texture, and fibre sizes, making it a perfect alternative to the natural ones for lawns and other applications such as in the sporting field, pool surround, playground surfacing, and much more.

    Benefits of Artificial Grass…

    There are countless reasons why more and more home and business owners opt to use fake grass on their lawns and even in commercial properties.


    Easy to Install

    synthetic grass can be installed anytime of the year without the need to worry about the changing climate. You can have it installed on your own or hire a professional to do the task. As long as you installed it properly, you will surely enjoy its benefits for many, many years.

    Hassle-Free Maintenance

    unlike the natural grass, artificial lawns don’t require watering, pruning, trimming, cutting, and even pesticide application. The installation remains in place and in perfect condition despite the lack of water or sun exposure, heavy rains, or changing seasons.

    Wide-Range of Application

    Our turf surfacing can be applied almost anywhere – residential yards, pool surround, playground surfacing, sporting grounds, community parks, schools, childcare centres, golf course, and restaurants, bars and much more!


    Kid and Pet Friendly

    since fake lawns do not need pesticides, fungicides, and fertilisers, it is extremely safe for both kids and pets. Your furry pals tend to run around and chew whatever they find on their play ground. Synthetic turf, especially the premium quality ones, won’t jeopardize their health and safety.

    Cost-Effective - Save on Water and Energy!

    Savings will come from not having to spend a lot on its maintenance – pesticide application, watering, and mowing.

    Natural Grass Look and Feel

    Premium Build

    Quality Service

    Where to Use Artificial Grass?

    You can install synthetic turf in both indoor and outdoor areas in either residential and commercial properties or even public places. Here are just among the amazing applications of artificial turfs:



    The artificial grass solution can transform muddy, slippery, and unsightly school grounds into safe and healthy one for the kids to play and run around. Fake grass or specialised rubber surfacing is ideal for kids playground areas to help keen them safe and protected. 



    Boost your commercial property’s façade with artificial turf installation. This works perfectly in town centre amusements, restaurants, parks, bars, local council landscaping, festivals, and much more. 


    Sports Grounds

    Natural grass comes with a heap of challenges which is why sporting fields for football, baseball, tennism cricket pitches, and many others are now using its fake alternative. It’s as soft and as green as the real ones minus the tedious maintenance.



    Helps boosts the aesthetic and functional appeal of your home. You get to enjoy its fresh-looking view all throughout the year without the hassle of mowing the lawn and everything else!

    Wet Pour Rubber l Playground Surfacing

    darwin synthetic grass
    darwin turf
    synthetic turf darwin

    If you are in Darwin, Northern Territory looking for an alternative to natural lawn for your residential or commercial property, we are the company to trust. Darwin Artificial Grass Specialists is made up of a team of experts who have years of experience in everything about turf and wet pour rubber surfacing – supplies, installation, maintenance, and repair. 
    When working with local schools, kindergartens and child care centres, we have a wide variety of options for synthetic turfs and rubber surfacing sourced from the most reputable manufacturers in Australia to help ensure the safety of children when using the facilities. We only carry products that have passed industry standards, approved and recommended by the experts, and tested and proven by Australian home and business owners.

    Our wet pour rubber surfacing is made from recycled tyres and is green flag certified. Our surfacing can be laid on top of the majority of surfaces from asphalt, concrete and pavers. We can also help install shock pads to help improve safety and ensure your playground is fully compliant with local government standards. 

    Our soft fall rubber is fully non slip, durable and UV resistant. 


    Timber Decking Bendigo Co


    if you are going down the DIY route, our team can provide you with the premium-quality turfs to supply only.

    We have professionals who can help you match your needs and budget to the kind of artificial grass you will need for your property. Choose us for your turf supplies and you surely won’t go wrong.


    Our landscaping professional will start by clearing the existing area and then laying a 65mm bed of porous crusher dust to prepare it for laying.

    Often we will lay a high quality road base beneath this, if the bed requires deeper filling for a nice smooth finish. To form the level surface, we compact the area to 50mm.

    We then lay down the synthetic grass, pinning it in place with galvanised pins to stop rusting, before carefully brushing up the fibres in line with manufacturers recommendations.
    Then you are left with a beautiful, natural looking synthetic lawn to enjoy for decades.

    Whether it’s a full sports complex in need of a premium astro-turf for hockey and soccer, or a softfall surfacing rubber (rubber and sand mats), our experts can take you from a measure up, design and quote for your project.

    Bendigo composite deck installation
    Bendigo composite deck installation

    Maintenance and Repair

    If you have an existing synthetic lawn installation that needs repaired or maintained, you may ask help from our experts.


    We will help you find the most cost-effective solutions to save and prolong the life of the installation so you can maximise its benefits for many years.


    Here are the frequently asked questions from our clients, and the answers will help you make a suitable choice. 

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    How much does synthetic grass cost in Australia?
    A typical artificial turf installation or repair in Australia costs around $53.50 per square meter to $60 per square meter. If you only need labour or services, professionals often charge you with their hourly rate which is about $50. However, it is important to understand that these rates may vary depending on some factors:
    ✓ Type of Artificial Grass – this product comes in many different shades, texture, fibre length, and level of resistance to environmental and outdoor elements. As the quality gets higher, so does the cost.

    ✓ Size of the Area – installing fake lawn in a large area is more expensive than doing it in a smaller area. There is obviously more materials and labour needed in order to complete the project in a large lawn than the smaller one; hence the higher price.

    ✓ Existing Landscape – do you have an existing artificial or natural grass installation or an irregular-shaped lawn, more work is needed to be done. The installers have to remove the old installation and make sure that the surface is smooth enough to have the new ones installed.

    ✓ Location – your location in Australia could also affect the cost of artificial turf installation. For example, in Western Australia, fake turf installation may cost around $55 per square meter. Meanwhile, in New South Wales, the cost could go as much as $90 per square meter.

    How long does artificial grass last?
    Darwin Synthetic Turf Specialists offers a 10-year warranty on our artificial turf supplies and installation. Along with proper installation, care, and maintenance, we can assure you that you will enjoy your beautiful lawns for many years more.
    What is the best base for synthetic grass?
    The base material for the synthetic turf installation is an integral part of the whole project. Choosing the right one ensures you that your artificial lawn will last for many years in perfect condition. There are three common base materials that synthetic turf experts use these days:
    · Tarmac – the most commonly used base material and the most popular one mainly because of its amazing combination of features – both porous and hard. The synthetic turf must be installed on top of a solid material, but at the same time, must allow water to naturally drain and prevent sagging. Tarmac can offer all this and more.

    · Asphalt – the best alternative if tarmac is not available. This material is quite hard and solid like tarmac but not porous.

    · Concrete – the hardest the and firmest than the other base materials. However, like asphalt, concrete lacks porosity. This means you have to spend a little more extra to build a drainage system.

    Is artificial grass pet friendly?
    Synthetic turfs sourced from reputable manufacturers have been tested and proven safe for humans and pets alike. They don’t contain harsh chemicals that could put your furry pal’s health and safety at risk. Moreover, these products are highly durable and won’t easily come off when pets go running or digging around. Most importantly, they are so soft that it won’t harm the skin.
    How do you clean artificial turf?
    How you clean your artificial lawn depends on several factors such as the presence of pets, amount of traffic every day, and exposure to environmental elements. Usually, heavy rain is enough to clean it. However, some dirt and debris may not be easily removed.
    To maintain its rich green colour all year round, basic cleaning such as spraying down with water should be done on a weekly basis. Meanwhile, brushing off the leaves and fibres with brush should be performed as monthly maintenance.
    Can you install artificial grass yourself?
    With the right skills, experience, and the equipment, you definitely can install the artificial grass by yourself. In fact, there are already countless homeowners who do the installation on their own. You can get supplies with accompanying instructions for the DIY installations.

    With Darwin Artificial Turf Specialists, we guarantee honest, ethical and upfront estimates on all jobs from the start, and ensure no hidden costs further down the track.

    High Quality Product & Customer Service

    When it comes to high-quality synthetic turf or playground rubber surfacing, look no further than Darwin Artificial Grass Specialists. We cater to residential and commercial clients in Darwin, Northern Territory, and nearby areas. 

    Our artificial lawns come from the best and the most trusted manufacturers who have been providing premium quality fake grasses for homes, schools, kindergartens, parks, and many other properties and venues in NT.  If you’re in the market for real turf we recommend our partners @ Darwin Landscapers.

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